Thomas Inventory Services

Inventory Prep for Marketplace Sellers

FBA Prep

We help sellers reduce fees and save time by handling the prep work. We have processed over 5 million units through our warehouse!

Thomas Inventory Services LLC,

is committed to providing a customer-first approach for inventory processing, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping solutions.  Direct and clear communication allows clients to have complete control over their inventory as it passes through our channel on the distribution chain (you’ll never have to wait on hold for a customer service rep with us - we’re available direct to our clients and know each account personally). A full line of processing and shipping services is available and 100% customizable per customer and order.  

  • Does your small business need assistance in processing its shipments to meet growing demand?

  • Is processing and shipping for your e-commerce site turning into a headache?

  • Are your current facilities’ limitations holding your company back from reaching its full growth potential?

Thomas Inventory Services can help you impress your clients with prompt, accurate service.  Our sole focus is assisting other small businesses, partnerships, and sole proprietors grow by providing superior warehousing, inventory processing, logistics, and shipping/ receiving services for their products. This frees up entrepreneurs to focus on sales, marketing, and creating the best product possible. If you are unsure on how we can help your business grow, but know you need some affordable help, don't hesitate to contact us - we work with all budgets, parameters, and industries.