What makes Thomas Inventory Services Different?

We provide a personal approach that cannot be found in larger 3PL's by providing a truly customer first approach. Our business has  years in the logistics industry and are built on the pillars of "Honesty, Service, Customization, and Adaptability".

We want to know you, your product, and exactly what logistical/ processing needs you have. We will create a plan specific to whatever your needs may be. You the customer remain in complete control over your product and logistical demands, and we are ready to meet the challenges necessary to make that happen. This frees up your time to focus on development and growth.

Thomas Inventory Services offers a complete customization of all third party logistics services catered to your businesses needs. This can include services like:

  • Moving your newly launched product out of your garage or basement

  • Removing the need for employees/ labor from your current processing

  • Shipping to customers/ distribution centers


Here's just a few things our past and present clients have said about us!

"We have been using Thomas Inventory for nearly three years and every job has been accurately completed on-time and on-cost.  I'm constantly impressed by their attention to detail, responsive customer service and outside the box approach.  Thanks to TIS, we've been able to outsource 100% of our supply chain needs from receiving to storage to pick and pack to returns management.  This has drastically reduced overhead and resulted in a far more scalable system allowing us to focus on our core business.  I have found the team to be extremely knowledgeable and accessible, even outside of regular business hours.  I would strongly recommend Thomas Inventory for any sized business or project."

-Greggory (Mightysilver.com)

All of our past and prior clients are available for references upon request, please Contact Us with any inquiries.

Simply put we are here to help, and strive to provide an exceptional experience and unique approach to meeting your business needs.


Contact US today and see what difference Thomas Inventory Services can do for you.