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In today's market, quick, safe, and accurate shipping can make the difference between growth and business failure.  The facilities, equipment, staffing, and resources necessary to store inventory, ensure proper packing and packaging, and accurately ship orders can be cost-prohibitive to the growth of any small business.


Thomas Inventory Services bridges the gap between your business and your customers. Our facilities are set up to accommodate shipping in all forms, from paper mailers and postal boxes, to large freight shipments. Fully equipped with all the supplies and materials to make sure your inventory gets too is ultimate destination, Thomas Inventory Services can build a custom shipping solution for your business.

We currently provide the following shipping services:

  • Paper Mailers

  • Parcel Services

  • Flat rate shipping

  • Package delivery

  • Freight shipping & receiving

Shipping Truck BW
Shipping Truck


We will work with you to determine the most cost/time effective outbound company for your specific needs. 
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